Lexis Nexis host several magazine sites specific to different sections of law.

Matt & Phred's Jazz club has long been established as the venue to see great jazz music in Manchester.

Soup Co make ground breaking videos including documentaries, music videos and Installations.

The design was developed along with soup who wanted to maintain a very minimal but clean interface for their striking videos.

The Global Network of Domestic Election Monitoring (GNDEM), is a central resource for the more than 140 members. These include regional networks and individual nonpartisan election monitoring organisations spanning over 60 countries on five continents. This global network aims to better meet challenges for achieving genuinely democratic elections.

If We Can You Can is a resource for business owners and entrepreneurs to connect and share their knowledge. This was an extensive build with many custom features.

Akeso is an online directory for alternative therapy practitioners. One of the main factors in developing the site was to create a clean and logical site that would appeal to people who were interested in natural therapies.