Tax Journal

Lexis Nexis host several magazine sites specific to different sections of law. Tax journal was re-built from scratch on Drupal 7 to provide a more responsive layout for mobile and tablet users whilst also bringing the new advances in Drupal to the site to make for a simpler site from both a user and administrative perspective. Contributed modules were used where possible to leverage the Drupal ecosystem.

The site is administered by multiple stakeholders and therefore needed a fairly elaborate permission setup. There were also many SEO requirements including free access to premium content for people accessing the site from certain domains. Single sign on was provided to integrate with the Lexis Nexis core platform so that users could be logged in automatically as they moved around the Lexis Nexis infrastructure.

The site was developed in Drupal 7 and includes:

  • Single sign on
  • Premium content
  • Responsive layouts
  • Advert management

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